House337 on best macho form for Royal Marines

Advertising ye olde armed services can’t be the easiest job these days: the main point is recruitment and that tight labour market in the UK increasingly blamed for inflation can’t be helping.

PR-wise the Navy in particular is hardly helped by endless stories about one of its vast new aircraft carriers permanently marooned in port for repairs, no modern aircraft because we can’t afford them and more admirals in the Navy than there are ships.

Agency House337 doesn’t pull its punches in its various efforts for the boys and girls in all-weather khaki and here it is for Royal Marine Commandos, demonstrating that if you’re daft enough to want to do these dangerous things you need to find the resolve within.

Wonder what that groovy machine that blasts its way through the jungle is? Hope they filled it up first.

House337 gets home safely though.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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