Boots nails the spirit of British summer in WPP campaign

Good times, unpredictable weather, hayfever, redheads slapping on the sunscreen, applying make-up in the swimming pool changing rooms, even getting the right shot for Instagram, all of British summertime – and most of Boots’ products – somehow make it into this 30-second spot from WPP.

Late last year Walgreen Boots Alliance organised what looks like a very complicated set up, but it’s paid off in this case. The team behind the ad is comprised of an in-house agency built by Oliver to work with WPP’s The Pharm, itself a bespoke agency assembled from VMLY&R, Ogilvy, Hogarth and Mediacom, plus Boots’ internal studio B-Hive.

Boots has sponsored Love Island for three consecutive years, and this new campaign is timed to coincide with the launch of the 2023 series.

Pete Markey, Boots’ chief marketing officer, said that it’s all about the “simpler, smaller pleasures and authentic moments which make British summer.”

It’s an ad that bears rewatching – probably a good thing for Love Island viewers settled in for the next two months of drama.

MAA creative scale: 8

One Comment

  1. Nice idea but way too fast. We’re all sitting here analysing each frame but this will flash by the punters who will not notice any of the detail

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