Channel 4 rebrand puts everything in one place all at once

Here’s a rebrand that doesn’t involve a complex name change or jettison vowels in order to look “modern.”

In fact, it’s hard to see anything new in Channel 4’s rebrand. Lambie Nairn’s original logo is back, and the work that design consultancy Pentagram has done on a new “iconographic language” and “brand architecture” will be lost on the average viewer.

Channel 4 has sensibly decided that it was always a good brand, and will now bring together all its channels and content under the same umbrella. On-demand streaming platform and youth channel E4 will now come under the Channel 4 banner. Presumably Film4 and More4 are included, as well as the music channels.

There are some “4mojis” that are new – designed to give the brand a sense of “mischief” – although it’s unclear where or when they will be used.

Lynsey Atkin, ECD at 4creative, said: “Bringing back our iconic logo and putting it front and centre, amongst a modern and vibrant system made distinct through colour, motion, and typography, gives us the consistency necessary in today’s visually noisy world, whilst still allowing us the creative spirit inherent within the Channel 4 brand.”

Luke Powell, partner and CD at Pentagram said: “The masterbrand system we’ve created unifies where it needs to, but encourages expression the rest of the time. Channel 4 is now set up with a principles-based system that can guide output, as well as preparing it for a rapidly evolving and unpredictable future.”

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