Alexandru Vasile of elvis: my Top Tips for Cannes

Top Tips for Cannes

Cost of Beauty: A Dove Film/Dove Self-Esteem Project – Ogilvy New York

Dove’s “Cost of Beauty” is one of my favourite campaigns this year and I believe a top contender for Cannes Lions. It articulates a big problem – the negative effects social media has on kids – in such a simple way.

I think this issue is so easy to dismiss in everyday conversation, but the craft of the execution, the story, the emotion, make it impossible for anyone to argue against it after seeing the film.

Thank you Dove for creating a powerful reminder that some of our mental health issues and disorders start from that little device in our pocket. I might go delete an app or two now.

Romania, The Most Beautiful Dental Clinic In The World – McCann Bucharest

Romania is a very beautiful country. It also has good and affordable dental services (probably the reason why Dracula lives there).

These two very different reasons to visit were brought together by one of my favourite campaigns this year, called “Romania, The Most Beautiful Dental Clinic In The World.”

So what happened? The Romanian Travel Board and the Dental Association (very official, I know) partnered to create a new way to book your holiday: package deals that combine dentistry with destinations.

The agency did not just come up with a communication idea, but a real world business opportunity that worked! So … if that cavity is still bothering you, go for the dental appointment, stay for the visit.

Alexandru Vasile is a creative director at elvis London.

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