MAA Ad of the Week: B&Q from Uncommon

Not a vintage week – they’re, alas, becoming too common these days – but some interesting ads nevertheless.

It takes an adam&eveDDB to craft a campaign in 15 seconds but it does so for Mars’ Temptations, positing that moggies these days are too cool for average catfood.

If (some) cats are doing well some humans are not and Neverland has produced a powerful campaign for Age UK, featuring an old person being chucked off a warm bus before setting off to a cold home. Interesting that it appears in a week when chancellor Jeremy Hunt has been telling us how well we’re doing and the undeniably fat cats of the banking world have succeeded in screwing things up again, doubtless to be rescued, yet again, by taxpayers who aren’t nearly as rich as they are.

One quibble with Age UK’s effort: isn’t it a bit late? Know it’s been cold recently but Easter is on the horizon.

Uncommon Creative Studio seems to be a throughly media-neutral creative agency, using all the options cleverly but consistently.

Has it discovered a way of talking sense into media agencies or is it just very adaptable when it comes to making the best of what the boys and girls with calculators come up with?

This Out of Home campaign for B&Q’s new ‘click and collect’ service is one to make a media touchpoint fan applaud. Do we actually want commercial; media to be touching us absolutely everywhere? A question for another day, perhaps.

Uncommon is turning B&Q into a powerful brand.

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