Alzheimer’s Society finds an alternative to hope in new NCA brand refresh

You know what you’re going to get with cancer charities and others like the Alzheimer’s Society – a feeling of helplessness (why can’t they find a cure for the damn thing after all this time and money?) and a call for donations.

Which is what you get with New Commercial Arts’ second big campaign for Alzheimer’s but agency and client have clearly been working hard to find a glimmer of light – even if there might not be one.

To which end we have a new “brand proposition” – to wit, ‘The Ultimate Vow,’ a promise to “provide help & hope for everyone living with dementia.” So what’s new? Well it seems to be the help and in the film we see an AS dementia adviser arriving to help out.

The campaign also includes Out of Home with photography for Mary McCartney, Colin Firth helps out with the V/O.

Ambitious certainly but there’s some peace at least for the unfortunate couple.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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