System1: here are the early Super Bowl ad winners

Let’s hope there are some surprises in the Super Bowl on Sunday (there’s always the game result, of course) as many ads aired so far are already being measured.

System1 predicts short and long-term commercial impact of ads by measuring viewers’ second-by-second emotional responses to creative. It assigns ads a Star Rating, from 1 to 5.9-Stars, based on their ability to drive market share growth. Usually only 1% of ads secure a 5-Star score. Some, including two beer brands, are already heading that way.

Top scorers to date are:

Michelob Ultra – “ULTRA Club I New Members Day” – 4.2-Stars

Paramount+ – “Stallone Face – A Mountain of Entertainment” – 4.2-Stars

Bud Light – “Hold” – 4.1-Stars

Popcorners – “Breaking Good” – 4.1-Stars

Pringles – “The Best of Us” – 3.5-Stars

System1 chief customer officer Jon Evans says: “With AB InBev’s long time exclusivity rights no longer in place, every brand, including those of AB InBev, needs to find ways to make its advertising stand out. Many are taking creative risks, such as through co-branded campaigns and TikTok-inspired soundtracks (see Bud Light’s ad.)

“At the same time, they’re also leveraging tried-and-true features like celebrities, humour and nostalgia.”

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