My Ad of the Year: Sue Higgs of Dentsu Creative

Been a right weird old year hasn’t it?

But let’s talk work.

Some brands have really lost their way whilst others stay true to themselves and go and grow from strength to strength. With that thought in mind,

My first choice, is The Greatest, from Apple

The title of this piece says it all and it needs very little narrative from me. It’s Apple at its finest, giving us a masterclass in how to do a product demonstration, that’s crafted just impeccably. It’s flawless.

Dentsu Creative’s ad of the year I’d say is our Oxfam work, it started as a social film and has grown into a TV spot.

What I love is how stylishly it’s tackled such an important problem. Fast fashion annihilated with a fast-paced edit.

If anyone is in any doubt about the film medium, these two gems should allay these fears.

A recent Dave Trott article reported, just 4% of UK advertising is remembered positively, 7% negatively and 89% not at all. I think these two should easily slip into the 4%.

Sue Higgs is ECD at Dentsu Creative.


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