My Ad of the Year: Richard Brim of adam&eveDDB

My ad of the years has to the “the Greatest” by Apple. It snuck in there on December the 3rd (International Day of Persons with Disabilities) and gave us a huge dollop of excellence. The product is in it throughout and looks impressive, the direction is great and the music brilliant. My one criticism would be the narrative of describing people with disability as the “greatest” feels at odds with the normalisation of disability but through the casting and direction they nail it.

I think the work I am most proud of from adamandeve would have to be the stupidity of Twix, the poignancy of John Lewis and the strategically simple, powerfully creative work for Calm “Last Photo”. It stops you, it makes you think and that’s what we are here to do.

Richard Brim is CCO of adam&eveDDB.

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