My Ad of the Year: Aidan McClure of Wonderhood Studios

My ad of the year is a 30” product description with a fairly bloody pack shot at the end. Despite all of these constraints, the ad still manages to be brilliantly funny. I hope its success inspires a deluge of funny ads so we can entertain people more in 23. It’s the least we can do.

Not as funny but equally engaging, my Wonderhood ad of the year goes to our campaign for Macmillan Cancer Support. ‘Super Surgeons: A Chance At Life’ was a critically acclaimed three-part documentary series about cutting edge cancer surgery. Every episode trended on Twitter and the show had one of the highest ratings for that time slot on Channel 4 all year.

The series was supported by short-form marketing that provided Macmillan with an incredible platform to demonstrate how they support people affected by cancer, whatever it takes. It was never going to be two bears talking about eating humans, but it shows that even something as unfunny as cancer can be turned into an idea that captures and engages the general public.

Aidan McLure is a co-founder and CCO of Wonderhood Studios.

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