Two striking faces of creativity: Simons from Broken Heart Love Affair, Zulu Alpha Kilo on awards

Let’s push the jingle bells and treacly CGI aside for a moment and look at two somewhat contrasting pieces of work from Canada.

Fist up is fashion business Simons with a film by Broken Heart Love Affair featuring the last words of terminally ill Jennyfer who chose to end her life.

Former CEO and founding family member Peter Simons says: “It’s obviously not a commercial campaign. It’s more an effort to use our freedom, our voice, and the privilege we have to speak and create every day in a way that is more about human connection. And I think we sincerely believe that companies have a responsibility to participate in communities and to help build the communities that we want to live in tomorrow, and leave to our children.”

A fitting memorial to Jennyfer or a failure to escape an obvious minefield?

The former maybe. Still not entirely sure.

MAA creative scale: 7.

Zulu Alpha Kilo (they love their agency names in Canada) now has a tradition of poking fun at this highly serious business (the rats.) In particular the pursuit of awards, featuring at Strategy magazine’s Agency of the Year (awards.)

This time it’s a serious-minded muppet who’s proud of his awards entry case history for a (purpose-packed) left-handed mango chutney.

Beautifully directed, as ever, by agency founder Zak Mroueh – reminds you of how gruesome dinner parties used to be, never quite enough room for a start. Nice twist at the end.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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