IPG Mediabrands teams with Scope3 in new emissions drive

Interpublic’s IPG Mediabrands has struck a deal with specialist company Scope3 to measure and reduce carbon emissions in digital advertising, mostly by offsetting.

It will also offer Scope3 data for each digital ad impression alongside its own media consumption carbon calculator.

Mediabrands says it will eventually “shift media investment to partners that demonstrate a commitment to continuous emissions reductions. Our partnership with Scope3 is one of many commitments Mediabrands is making to take intentional steps in support of climate action as part of our broader Media for Good efforts.

“For action to be taken, access to accurate data and reporting is an essential first step. Scope3 provides critical insights and information that enable us to make smarter, cleaner investment choices.”

Advertisers do, finally, seem to be getting serious about carbon emissions but also relying on their media agencies to do the heavy lifting. Which makes all such data a competitive tool rather than information in the public domain, which is probably what’s needed.

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