Another tale of the unexpected from Mother – for Uber Eats

Sometimes, for agencies anyway, the gift that keeps on giving can drive the rest of us to distraction. Gambling ads, if you watch a lot of sport, food delivery numbers if you don’t divide your waking time between Deliveroo, Just Eat and a formidable newish contender on the block, Uber Eats.

It’s not that the ads are necessarily bad (although a lot of gambling ones scrape the very bottom of the barrel – ethically as much as anything) just that, well, you’ve seen it all before.

Mother has cheerfully ploughed its own furrow for nearly 30 years now, almost always coming up with the unexpected. As it does here for Uber Eats, with a mean mover getting his appetites mixed up.

Is Mother as good now as it was when it was making its stellar reputation? Possibly not but that’s probably got more to do with client ambition in the digital age. It must still surely figure on every sensible client’s shortlist.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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