MAA Ad of the Week: Royal Enfield from NCA

New Commercial Arts is an up and coming London agency – founded by two adam&eve alumni among others – that’s also making its presence felt on the international stage.

One such client is Royal Enfield motorcycles, a global brand HQ’d in India. NCA’s aim is to produce effective work for big clients, putting the creative agency back at the centre of things at the client’s top table. Its work for MoneySuperMarket is a classic case in point.

There’s a steely professionalism about it all, as in this latest for Royal Enfield. All some clients seem to want now is Generation Zers jigging about happily (they never seem to talk) to show how in tune they are with ‘yoof.’ So NCA has made a motorbike ad that looks like a fashion ad.

Steely professionalism means attention to detail too and, more than ever, the music choice is crucial – as nobody speaks any more. Richard Hawley, once briefly of Pulp, does the honours here.

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