Buddy Media’s Georgina Bojarski picks her Desert Island Ads

Georgina Bojarski is director of paid social at digital agency Buddy Media Group.

Desert Island Ads

There’s a fine line between creating a short brand-first ad & trying to create a connection with the audience. But for me, it’s all about the story telling. I want something that is going to keep me hooked, make me feel warm & fuzzy & I want it to be in my head all day (as annoying as that is!)

Unlock the 007 In You: Coca-Cola

Set in an everyday place, with a theme tune that has been sung through households for decades. Engaging, brand first & with a bit of suspense – as a consumer we love routing for the underdog.

And let’s face it, if you’re stuck on a Desert island, you could watch this over and over again, focusing on a different roadblock for the potential winner each time.

Coming Home: T-Mobile:

One of the easiest picks of all, have I cried over this ad multiple times, yes. Does it still give me goosebumps, yes – and could I sing without anyone hearing me on this island, yes.

Not only does this great warmth, it has the element of surprise, genuine reactions and incredible talent. Who doesn’t love a flash mob – a brand who can pull on my heartstrings, is a win for me! Total brand authenticity.

Cadbury Gorilla:

A gorilla, drumming along to Phil Collins, to advertise chocolate…A classic song, a not so classic start to an ad, minimal branding but my god, does it evoke some feelings. None of it makes sense & that’s what we love.

Half Moon: Jaffa Cakes

Probably not the best advert to be watching when I’m assumingly starving on a desert island but the heart wants what the heart wants.

With the tagline, ‘deliciously self-centred’, the double meaning of wanting to keep it for yourself as well as the DELICIOUS orange filling, it’s an iconic ad for me. One that is recreated every day a pack of Jaffa Cakes is opened…shall we debate if it’s a biscuit or cake?

One way to keep busy on the island.

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