MAA Activation of the Week: Resident Evil from Netflix

Activations are the happening thing (in more than one sense, obviously) and for a change we’ll have one of those rather than an Ad of the Week (not a great week for ads.)

So here we are ono the streets of Santa Monica with a team of actors in a glass cell scaring the wits out of passers-by to dramatise Resident Evil, a Netflix show based on the video game. The actors are afflicted with Resident Evil’s T-Virus, which turns them into a Zero, a kind of zombie creature with bells on.

By US creative agency The Founders, part of By The Network.

Founders creative director Felipe Rostagnol says: “Seeing the reactions of the people was incredible. These days it is very difficult to capture the attention of the audience and there were people who stayed for the six hours that the performance lasted for, and went from being scared to standing in line to take a selfie with the Zero.”

Wouldn’t be entirely surprising if the odd writ comes their way as someone’s child gets nightmares but there you go.

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