Paddy Power saddles up at Droga5.

Droga5 London has won the Paddy Power betting account. Former agency VCCP declined to repitch.

Paddy Power seems to have lodged at most London agencies over the past decade or so (the ones that take on betting accounts anyway), its predilection for stunts seeming to exhaust them after a while.

Paddy Power marketing and brand director Michelle Spillane says: “Our challenge to Droga5 London was to help us elevate our mission to shake off the shackles of the status quo and accelerate our journey to becoming one of the most iconic cultural brands in the UK and Ireland.”

D5 head of strategy Damien Le Castrec says: “It’s time to dial up the mischief of Paddy Power and put the brand back where it belongs.”

Paddy Power is actually much more than fun and games: it’s one of the cornerstones of the rather misleadingly named Flutter Entertainment, a business valued at £15bn with £6bn of revenues.

Bookies seem to be fighting a permanent battle against a TV ad ban but, over the years, have become pretty good at confounding the politicians. Not least because powerful media players like Sky depend to a large degree on betting ads and sponsorship.

It’s probably odds on that someone else will be saddling up with PP in a couple of years’ time.

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