Mother launches global ‘Creators Index,’ starting with Asia

Mother is launching a new pan-Asian project, the Asian Creators Index, to foster greater collaboration between the region’s creative community and the rest of the world.

The idea is to expand the index, a searchable online gallery, to reflect creativity on a fully global scale.

This first one has been put together over the last decade by Anak, the Singapore-based design arm of The Secret Little Agency, which is part of Mother.

Talent featured in the Creators Index ranges from paper crafts, bamboo sculpture artists, painters, animators, 3D artists, set designers and sonic designers. Currently around 400 creators are featured, compiled by Anak’s lead art buyer, Juliana Ong.

Ong said: “Asia is home to an incomparable range of styles, crafts, and visual modes born out of its many diverse cultures. From traditional mediums to cutting-edge techniques, it is a region where the new and modern live harmoniously with the old – where future meets the past.

“Some of the world’s best creative talents are here in Asia – the problem is that they’re not always easy to find outside of their own locales. We felt it important to expose these great talents to the rest of the world, through eyes that know and understand the nuances of the different cultures.”




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