Can Mother’s ‘Motivation that moves you’ revive Peloton?

Mother LA has debuted for Peloton, good news for the nascent outpost of the London agency, not so good for adam&eveDDB New York which won Peloton a couple of years ago.

Mother’s new line is ‘Motivation that moves you.’

The exercise bike giant has its own troubles now of course, its exponential growth during lockdowns grinding to a halt and stock price collapsing as it’s punished for this and being rated as a tech stock (which nobody now seems to want.) Its new CEO has said it’s reining back its growth plans.

What to make of this? Peloton ads (pre-A&E) were always incredibly annoying with their over-zealous instructors exhorting sweaty customers to go even harder. Mother, surprisingly perhaps, has made Peloton’s instructors (some of whom have become celebrities in their own right it seems) the heroes of this revival effort.

Locker rooms in US ads seem to be adland’s version of apple pie.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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