Ukraine: Flock Associates asks advertisers what they’re planning for invader Russia

Should global advertisers present in Russia continue to advertise, or impose their own sanctions folowing the invasion of Ukraine?

A question lots of advertisers are no doubt asking and marketing consultancy Flock Associates is running a poll to ask them what they’re going to do.

Flock founder Simon Francis says: “The war in Ukraine has caused major headaches for many advertisers and agencies. Naturally, first and foremost they have been concerned about the well-being of their staff and colleagues, and many companies acted swiftly to support their staff. But it also has advertisers and agencies to consider their stance with regard their activities in Russia. Do they put purpose in front of profit and withdraw or stop advertising, or continue to put money into the media that is state controlled and has its own news agenda?”

Of the responses so far to the LinkedIn poll – here – just 9% say companies should continue advertising, 33% that they should stop and 59% that they should withdraw from Russia entirely.

Emotions are running high for very good reasons but there will be some people in boardrooms saying: hang on a minute, this may be resolved and we need to be in that country, even if we’re holding our corporate nose.

Let’s see how it develops – join the poll.

PS No word yet from the ad holding companies – even FIFA was quicker off the mark.

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  1. Here’s an idea… Why not persuade Martin “I am the acquisition King” Sorrell to buy Russia? I mean that’s what he does. Right? Then he would have the biggest and dumbest holding company in the universe.
    Glad to be of help/George

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