Coca-Cola challenges the ‘win at all cost mentality’ in new Powerade ad with Simone Biles and Tom Daley

This is like a high energy version of a “Take a break” Kit Kat campaign. The pulling power of Publicis Italy and Mexico, together with Leo Burnett Chicago and Digitas New York, has pulled in some top athletes for a new campaign for Coca-Cola’s Powerade brand.

The sports drink has dropped its performance message in favour of a “Pause is power” line. The best scenes reflect real life: Simone Biles takes a break to get her nails done and Tom Daley shares his well-known love of knitting.

Tottenham Hotspurs coach Antonio Conte and former NBA stars Chris Webber and Jason Williams are also in there.

Claire Pinel, Powerade global brand director, said: “’Pause is Power’ challenges the ‘win at all costs’ mentality associated with modern sports culture by portraying the pause—a moment of laughter, reflection, community and recovery—as an act of humanity with regenerative benefits.”

Simone Biles said: “The campaign is a timely reminder to take a moment when we need it—we push ourselves hard physically and emotionally to achieve our dreams but if we are not our best mentally, then we are not maximizing our full potential. I want to help encourage everybody to be kinder to themselves, because that’s when we’re at our strongest and we can achieve the most.”

Bruno Bertelli, global chief creative officer at Publicis Worldwide said “Our aim is to raise awareness to all humans, not just professional athletes, that pausing is not losing, it’s actually winning.”

Usually, these big global celebrity ads are a disaster, but this is funny, entertaining and relevant – although if you were quibbling you might question the role of a sports performance drink like Powerade in taking a pause.

MAA creative scale: 8.5




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