UK’s Ad Association launches global export drive roadshow

The UK’s Advertising Association (AA) is spearheading an export drive with the Department for International Trade (DIT) to try to boost UK adland’s sales aboard. Previous (virtual) effort are said to have increased UK ad business in China by more than £21m.

The joint body, UK Advertising Export Group, will visit eight countries over eight weeks (‘Export Month’.) A new tool will be launched in March on the UK Advertising Made Global website, helping companies to search for new global business.

An event will also be held to highlight opportunities for advertising around this year’s controversial FIFA World Cup in November (good luck with that one.)

AA CEO Stephen Woodford (above) says: “’Export month’ is the best way to learn about the opportunities UK advertising offers to help businesses reach global markets.

“UK advertising demonstrated impressive resilience and agility during the coronavirus pandemic, quickly following changes in consumer behaviour via e-commerce and adapting to further strengthen brands online.

“Our March programme aims to equip businesses for the dynamic year ahead, including the return of our mission to SXSW, our ‘Going global masterclass’ and an event looking ahead to November’s FIFA World Cup.”

The DIT has set itself a somewhat ambitious target of £1trillion in exports with the creative industries, including advertising, expected to play a major part.

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