Heinz mocks its tardiness for (belated) pasta sauce launch

Very nice to see some old-style print and posters, devised for Heinz’s new pasta sauces from the rather unlikely source of Wunderman Thompson Spain.

Most noteworthy posters these days are digital extravaganzas or stunts, like Marmite’s collapsing car.

But Heinz is using old-style creative to “apologise” to its customers (and founder Henry J. Heinz) for taking 150 years to get round to pasta sauces.

Here are some.

Caio Fontenele, New Ventures Director at Kraft-Heinz says: “The launch of the new Heinz Pasta Sauces is an important step in our strategy to expand the brand into new categories. Despite our extensive agriculture heritage and tomato expertise, this is the first Heinz pasta sauce launched in the UK —a market where Heinz is annually ranked amongst the most loved food brands.

“It was natural to have launched a pasta sauce, but we didn’t. Yes, we are ridiculously late. The Wunderman Thompson collaboration and fresh eyes on our brand resulted in a powerful and simple campaign, that points up the iconicity of Heinz in a rejuvenated way without trying too hard. And the result is ridiculously good.”

MAA creative scale: 8.5.

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