New Year (purposeful) creative: Olay, Corona, Ella’s Kitchen

Unilever isn’t the only consumer goods giant with a fixation on purpose, Procter & Gamble has been mining the same seam for years too.

This time it’s for skincare brand Olay, with an epic from Publicis Asia Pacific highlighting women’s role (or lack of it) in tech industries in India. Not the first thing that springs to mind with skin cream.

And here’s Corona at it too – sort of – launching Sunbrew which it says is the first non-alcoholic beer with vitamin D, supposedly good for us in all sorts of ways. From David Miami.

And finally Ella’s Kitchen, now claimed to be the UK’s best-selling babyfood – a brand built on a wholesome platform throughout. ‘Eat, Play, Love’ from Havas with Great Guns invites babies and toddlers to get stuck in, whatever the consequences.

A more modest 30 seconds (British agencies must be cheesed when they see all those minute-plus efforts from overseas.)

The verdicts

Olay: good cause but something of a stretch – is it really going to help? Doubtless there’s a financial commitment somewhere.

MAA creative scale: 5.

Corona: OK. Starts well with the tricksiness but doesn’t really go anywhere: 5.

Ella’s Kitchen: Better, neat idea (a bit like Persil’s ‘Dirt is Good’ from you-know-who.) 7.

Looks like purpose ain’t going away, whatever Terry Smith thinks.

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