First Choice bank and the UN venture into the metaverse

Into the metaverse now (oh, no..) and, like so many new frontiers, it seems to be taking root (if that’s what metaverses do) in the Far East.

First Choice in Thailand is launching what it’s calling the world’s first NFT credit card (NFTs are things you buy and use online with digital currency as far as we can see) with a campaign from Leo Burnett over there.

Created through a collaboration with one Puck, an NFT artist, it’s an “exclusive” NFT art piece on NFT market inviting people to bid and own the art piece with an extra million privileges points earned to their First Choice credit card.

A Nectar card will never seem the same again.

Meanwhile the UN’s Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs is pushing its 2020 ‘The State of Global Peace and Security’ report (it’s hardly comfortable reading) with a VR experience from experience design studio Superbright. This allows the user to inhabit the shoes of a prime minister who is preparing to deliver a high-profile speech at a virtual UN General Assembly.

As the speech is about to begin, a group of students hijack the security system and take over the screens, demanding they be heard on key issues.

Launching at the Sundance Festival’s New Frontiers ‘Spaceship’ on January 20.

Daanish Masood Alavi, co-founder United Nations DPPA Innovation Cell says: “The UN DPPA Innovation Cell has increasingly turned to immersive technologies for peacemaking in the last 12 months, especially for briefing senior decision makers who are unable to travel to conflict settings.

“For our 2020 Peace Report, we wanted to engage a wider audience. By creating a story around it, our aim was to have people viscerally experience the scale of our global challenges, while also recognizing the critical role of young people in addressing them.”

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