Wonderhood rises to challenge of Alzheimer’s Research in a Covid world

Wonderhood Studios is becoming a UK agency to conjure with and this is its first work for Alzheimer’s Research UK (as opposed to Alzheimer’s Society, now with New Commercial Arts): unusually with a positive message.

Depicting the wonders of the human brain through brain scans (Alzheimer’s makes a right mess of the old brain of course) actor Shobna Gulati (whose mother died from Alzheimer’s) explains how the brain will, one day, win out.

Because it’s “The Smartest Thing.”

Covid has given causes like Alzheimer’s and cancer research a problem: if we can develop a vaccine for a new, deadly global disease in a year or so, how come we’re still struggling with these decades on?

Charity communications director Tim Parry says: “We’re proud to launch this thought-provoking and beautiful film developed in partnership with Wonderhood Studios and Blind Pig. Dementia remains one of our greatest medical challenges, with over half of us in the UK now connected to someone close with the condition. Over the past year, the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines has demonstrated what concerted efforts can achieve in the search for medical breakthroughs.

“It’s reassuring that the public feels more optimistic around the potential of science; we feel it too at Alzheimer’s Research UK and are committed to making breakthroughs possible for everyone affected by dementia. This campaign crystallises the optimism and hope that pioneering dementia research provides, and we are excited to see it launch.”

Maybe there’s more money in Covid?

Brave to tackle this head on.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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