Virgin Media – from bad to unbelievably bad with 02

Some of us who thought that Virgin Media couldn’t possibly get any worse – regular outages, zero customer service – might improve after its merger in the UK with 02 should demand a recount.

It’s now even worse with today (Thursday) no TV service in large parts of the country. Broadband still seems to be working in some parts but just about the only reliable thing about Virgin is that it will fail too eventually.

These days you can’t speak to anyone either, Virgin actually offers you its very own bot via its website – not much use when its broadband isn’t working. Or you get a phone message saying it’s aware of the problem but its engineers are “working very hard” to fix things. When the broadband went on the blink here last week this message was constant and it was a flat lie: the unattended box is clearly visible from the front of the house with nobody working, hard or otherwise.

It’s little wonder that some of us scoff when agencies big up their CX offerings: it may be a good way of extracting money from clients but most such efforts deliver sweet FA for customers.

Ofcom will doubtless investigate this latest outage outrage – and deliver a gentle slap across the wrists. It should remove Virgin 02’s licence. The business is a disgrace and a con on the public.

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