The Network unleashes Netflix ‘The Witchers’ monster in giant Out of Home campaign

Wonder what that mythical paper and paste billboard man Bill Stickers (or was it Posters) would have made of Out of Home these days. Used to be outdoor (which made life easier) but there are lots of indoor ads these days too.

Now we have scary monsters – here’s the Myriapod to launch the second series of Netflix’s The Witchers – bursting out of digital screens all over the world in a campaign from independent creative collective The Network, led by US-based Founders with help from fellow members Mortier Brigade, Atom, Setters, Boys & Girls and Mr. Positive.

Destinations include Milan, Moscow, Buenos Aires, NYC, London and Berlin. The global campaign will run in over 400 markets.

The Network founder Per Pedersen says: “I’m really proud that Netflix picked by The Network for this global campaign, and as a Witcher fan I’m double proud to bring this amazing show to life in an unexpected and creative way.”

Founders COO Tanya De Poli says: “From watching Netflix every night to having the chance to lead this global campaign for one of the brands I admire the most, with such an amazing team both on the client and by The Network side is one of the highlights of my career thus far. It was such an honour to work with so many amazing teams across the globe to make this happen.”

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