The Brooklyn Brothers ECD Simon Poett: Ads of the Year ’21

Ads of the year.

Burberry “Open Spaces” by Megaforce

For the second year Burrberry created the best work. Both brave and surreal, it’s inspiring from top to bottom – direction, dop, choreography, music, stylists – everything. At a time when formula is everywhere, it stands out as both a stark warning (no agency was involved) as well as a stunning example that idea and execution can matter more than anything else.

HSBC “Vicious Circle” by Wunderman Thompson

I think this stands head & shoulders above the vehicle-based advertising we are used to from HSBC. A 1970’s atmosphere, ‘Dogville’ meets drama-documentary. I love Christopher Sabogals (DOP) atmospheric eye and Siri Bunford’s direction. It’s almost perfect.

Balenciaga “The Simpsons”

Balenciaga generated their own culture with this distinctive intersection in creativity and sub-culture. The story of its making is impressive as well as the detail – read the NYT’s article. Wonderful detail and that line… ‘She gets this weird sadness on her birthday just because she’s moving further from her dreams and closer to her death.’ Wow.

Anthony Burill “You&me and Me&you” public artwork, Leeds

Even though his work had been saying the ‘most with the least’ for a long time now. It had started to feel like a pastiche of itself. Like black framed bi-fold doors, or parquet flooring. Then this… BANG! It’s staggeringly beautiful, timely, simple and moving. It became the ‘poster’ we all needed more than any other. (And I bought one.)

Black Lives Matter “Dear White Parents” by The Brooklyn Brothers

What’s memorable about this project is how the power of earned advertising drove positive cultural change. At a time of seismic change and in response to the death of George Floyd we created a campaign that drove a global movement to encourage white parents to talk to their children about racism early and often – taking the first step to raising an anti-racist generation.

Simon Poett joined The Brooklyn Brothers as executive creative director in 2018. He was previously a creative director at adam&eveDDB, and has also worked at Tribal Worldwide and Iris Worldwide.

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