VCCP gives Saga makeover the full service treatment

UK travel and insurance firm Saga is synonymous with ‘old,’ which isn’t a very appealing message even if you’re, um, old. Well, over 50 which is Saga’s target market.

So new CEO, Euan Sutherland is giving the brand a makeover with the help of agency VCCP.

Sutherland says: “People are living longer than ever before; they are working longer; they are helping their families; they are contributing to society. We know our customers do not feel old – they feel as if they are experienced. They have lived full lives, have so much to give and fully intend to make the most of each and every day.

“Our new brand strategy champions what we are calling “Generation Experience” – the discerning, sharp and savvy over-50s who represent over a third of the UK population. It’s time for businesses and organisations of all sizes to have a conversation about age. As a purpose-led business with over 70 years’ experience, it’s one that we think Saga is ideally placed to lead.”

VCCP has enlisted actor Nicholas Farrell, one of those you immediately recognise but can’t quite place, to tell the tale.

VCCP Group MD David Boscawen says: “This is the first time Saga has communicated as a single brand, uniting their insurance, holiday and cruise businesses. And to do this by creating a campaign that challenges the societal stereotypes of old age by celebrating the experience old age brings is very exciting. No other brand can start this conversation with the same credibility as Saga.”

Sutherland, who hasn’t always made friends in previous stints at the Co-op and Superdry, deserves credit for his top to toe approach here, as does VCCP which is a kind of modern full service agency with, for example, its media operation on the case here.

Nicely executed.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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