Post-pandemic creativity: Shark Award winners, Bowers & Wilkins from Leagas Delaney, Ruinart

Two Grand Prix were awarded in the advertising category of the 2021 Sharks Awards: Iconoclast and Stitch Editing both won a Grand Prix for their entries for Macmillan ‘Whatever it Takes’ while ZuluAlphaKilo won a Grand Prix for ‘Tough Turban.’

Canada’s ZuluAlphaKilo was also awarded Agency of The Year, Riff Raff and Biscuit were joint Production Company of the Year and Factory won Sound Design.

BBDO Dublin won Irish Agency of The Year, Banjoman was awarded Irish Production Company of the Year and Pirhana Bar won Irish VFX Company of the Year.

Design Grand Prix went to BigO for ‘Cork 1920: The Burning of a city’ exhibition for St Peters Cork, and BBDO Guerrero for ‘The Dissolving Bottle’ for Naturale Market.

All the winners are here.

*Taking on the mighty Apple in the audio market is quite a task but British audio brand Bowers & Wilkins is launching its second global campaign through agency Leagas Delaney with that in mind, this time for its new Zeppelin speakers. With Copenhagen production house Frame.

Leagas Delaney CEO Gareth Davies says: “We are enormously proud of this new campaign for Bowers & Wilkins. The Zeppelin is a true icon of the speaker market, combining bold design with the same peerless sound quality that Bowers & Wilkins is known the world over for. ‘The Beauty of Sound’ speaks to both of these qualities.”

Elegant and to the point as ever.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

*We’re all into experiences now and France’s oldest champagne house Ruinart isn’t being left behind, debuting its interactive ‘The Unconventional Gallery’ at London’s Frieze by artist David Shrigley. With interactive production studio makemepulse. Plus some of Shrigley’s individual artworks.

Pretty brave to pick worms. Artist Shrigley says: “I don’t think there are rules for making art. There are only opportunities. Digital experiences are another opportunity to do something different, see things differently and, I hope, learn something new. I like that this pink worm guide the visitor : Worms are important.

“They help create the soil that is vital for all life. We take the soil for granted and we take worms for granted but we should remember how vital they are.”

A pleasant change from the guff produced by the mega-corporation-owned champagne houses.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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