Can Grace Jones shoehorn old-timer Barclaycard into ‘buy now pay later market?’

Credit cards have been draining our wallets for decades and now they have a new challenger the ‘buy now pay later’ gang which (it seems to us) offer a rather better deal.

Barclaycard, the first credit card in the UK (Amex and Diners were charge cards) is trying to muscle in on the action with a new campaign by Droga5 featuring Grace Jones aiming barbs at the notion of ‘cool’ in such matters (or ‘kool,’ geddit?)

Getting a celeb to play against type is an old ad stand-by. Getting Grace Jones in an ad has made strong man and women quake.

Not convinced, suspect they weren’t really either.

MAA creative scale: 4.

PS The representative interest rate featured in the ad is 33.9%. Says it all really.

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