Starcom shows its inclusivity creds with Channel 4

Media agency Starcom has decided to tell some ‘Brave Stories’ in a deal with Channel 4, highlighting members of staff and their issues (in this trailer a stammer and someone who’s shy) to emphasise (presumably) the agency’s diversity.

clients these days are making increasing demands of their agency teams – including diversity in all its forms – which is, presumably, one rationale. It also makes the point that you don’t have to be a crazed extrovert to work in adverts although we probably know that by now. At times a few more crazed extroverts might help.

Starcom CEO Nadine Young says: “When you’re talking about being inclusive, so many people have individual issues that are holding them back, so it’s really hard to have policies and programmes to address each and every one of those. What I think we need to do is to create an atmosphere where everyone knows that whatever their issue, and whatever is holding them back, they will be welcomed.”

Can imagine what some such interviews with media agency execs might have looked like back in the day, especially after lunch.

But the world changes…enterprising of C4 (again) although the interviews could have been a bit livelier.

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