Post-pandemic creativity: vintage Glazer for Burberry, W+K stutters for Ford

Horses, water and director Jonathan Glazer worked their magic famously for Guinness all those years ago so it’s a smart idea of Burberry CCO Riccardo Tisci to re-unite them to launch new fragrance line Hero from Burberry. Tisci gets a credit too, so happiness all round.

Actor Adam Driver in Centaur mode.

Not quite ‘Surfer’ (which depends as much on sound as image) but pretty good.

MAA creative scale: 8.

Wieden+Kennedy is still busily mining Ford’s US heritage but this newbie for electric trucks and the new Mustang is a bit of a stretch. “Take who we are and turn it into where we’re going” is a nice idea but there’s too much crammed in there for it to be convincing. You can’t run a whole country on electric trucks, unless we’re missing something.

Sometimes very large clients can wear you down – hope it’s not happening to W+K.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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