Can Whiskas purr its way to success?

Are cats making a post-pandemic comeback? At least they’re relatively quiet unlike the serried ranks of cockapoos and the like, purchased in lockdown and now yapping away merrily as their owners wonder what to do with them now they have to go back to work.

Mars Pedigree’s Whiskas has always gone the extra mile of course: every ad person of a certain vintage seems to have a story about brand managers munching their way through a tin of the stuff.

Now the great minds behind Whiskas have teamed with animator/director Nina Gantz and National Symphony cellist David Teie for a new campaign from AMV BBDO featuring the music these moggies most appreciate. Teie says: “Cats listen to sounds at different frequencies to humans, so we’ve created a piece of music that appeals to their unique audio range.”

You can even get the playlist on Spotify (if you really must.)

Strange but true.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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