BrewDog tries to escape the naughty step with Droga5 debut

BrewDog has made rather a speciality of rattling every cage it was able to reach, assisted in no small measure by former agency Uncommon, but now it’s trying to join the good guys. New agency Droga5 says it’s the “planet’s favourite beer” as it’s carbon-neutral and therefore for everyone.

BrewDog brand and marketing director Lauren Carrol says: “The new campaign reinforces BrewDog’s commitment to having a positive impact, both on our diverse audience and the planet. We’re proud to be a beer for all and to serve our amazing global community. As a carbon-negative brewery, every beer that is enjoyed around the world can have a positive planetary impact.”

Well yes and it’s an interesting film – with a cheeky dig at Heineken – as you’d expect from D5.

Not very beery though – although maybe that’s the point.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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