Post-pandemic creativity: TfL tells us it’s all go for London – but is it really?

Yesterday was so-called “Freedom Day” in the UK when all the remaining Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were supposed to be scrapped – except, of course, they haven’t been.

Dithering PM Boris Johnson (every time he makes his mind up some senior medics bellow down his ear that he’s killing us all), is advising us to go on behaving as before (in semi-lockdown) and even threatening nightclubbers with vaccine passports (which the Government said repeatedly it wouldn’t bring in.)

It’s like living in two parallel universes.

Equally conflicted, one assumes, is Transport for London (TfL), steadily going broke as people evacuate central London. It’s produced a campaign by VCCP with help from Wavemaker Content (what, all of them?) trying to persuade us to go back into town. No facemasks here.

Yet London mayor Sadiq Khan, not Bojo’s biggest fan but the man in ultimate charge of London’s transport, has insisted that you wear masks on the tube and urged that we stick to the old rules in public places. His other problem is that his city is going bust without visitors and workers.

Did Sadiq see this before it went out? Amazing he didn’t insist on a “tread carefully” message at the end.

MAA creative scale – caught in the middle (aren’t we all?): 4.

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