Post-pandemic creativity: funny ha-ha from McDonald’s, funny peculiar from Edeka?

In the pandemic (Boris is about to tell us it’s back to normal – let’s hope he’s right) McDonald’s UK stuck to gritty, would-be realistic stories about the small things in life.

To some effect, Burger King wins the global ad plaudits but McDonald’s flourishes in its own way – in some markets anyway.

Now McD and agency Leo Burnett have joined the ranks of those with spanking new post-pandemic “brand platforms” and it’s ‘Fancy a McDonald’s.’ With McD customers everywhere succumbing to giggles.

Meanwhile in Germany supermarket Edeka and agency Jung von Matt may or may not have a new platform but they have ‘Super Marc,’ a retail visitor one might describe as somewhat off the wall.

Haven’t seen one of these in a supermarket (ad) recently. YouTube visitors seem to like it/him.

MAA creative scales: McDonald’s 8.

Edeka: Um, go on then – 7.

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