Post-pandemic creativity: Skoda electric and FreeStyle Libre

Pleased to see that Fallon’s produced an ad for Skoda at last – as opposed to freesyle warbling – with the launch of the Skoda Enyaq (where do they get these dreadful names from?) its electric offering. Skoda owner VW is trying to take over the electric vehicle world (not that long after filling it with diesels.)

More robots – these seem to have escaped from Mother’s latest for IKEA – trying to steer uncomprehending us into a brave new world.

Diverting enough – but where’s the stuff about the car? It purrs and gurrs but is that really enough?

MAA creative scale: 5.

There’s a bit of the same about Anomaly New York for FreeStyle Libre. No, not a device for ladies but a way for diabetics (and others presumably) to check their glucose intake.

The first minute or so is brilliant. The punchline? Not another gadget…

MAA creative scale: 7.

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