Post-pandemic creativity: P&G and Google

The world’s big brands have been awash with purpose through the pandemic – the danger, of course, is that in so doing they become preachy.

P&G is at the traditional end of the spectrum, Google at the tecchie end.

P&G is promoting ‘Widen the Spectrum,’ an attempt to broaden the way black people are portrayed in the media by investing in black actors, directors, crews and media. Here’s one-time NFL star Andrew Hawkins and son, plus some other black role models. By Wieden+Kennedy (I think.)

Across the world, in Australia, BBDO has produced a neat campaign for Google showing how Googling can help you shop, locally of course. That’s one box ticked. For an elderly neighbour – another one.

Almost too slick but a welcome move forward from “we support good causes” that defined the pandemic.

MAA creative scale – both: 7.5.

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