Is ‘Creative Business Transformation’ a proper meal for a Cannes Lion?

Cannes is back in June – sort of, still virtual alas – with lions in their cages for pandemic-ravaged 2020 as well as 2021.

Microsoft has already been awarded its Creative Marketer of the Year, deservedly no doubt although there is an element of buggins turn about this gong.

This year there’s yet another new category, Creative Business Transformation. Such new categories bring out the cynic in many of us although, as this is what many agencies and ad holding groups say they’re about these days, maybe it will be revealing. The category is sponsored by Amazon – can they enter too?

Quite how you judge this is another matter: not by sitting in a darkened room and watching a few commercials obviously. So it means planners and others penning massive tomes to make their case.

Who’s gonna win? Retailer Target in the US must be a contender as its sales have soared in the pandemic. Maybe not tecchy enough. Tricky one for Cannnes.

One Comment

  1. How many bloody categories are there now? Still, more categories, more entry fees. It’s called “Creative Awards Transformation.”

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