Droga5 London debuts for Coke with new/old earworm

Droga5 London makes its debut for Coca-Cola with this number, reprising Coke’s ‘Just for the taste of it’ from 1982 (when we used to call them jingles.)

As such ‘Just Because’ should be an event: D5 London has finally established itself as an agency to conjure with, specialising in ads with a narrative and gentle humour – notably for Amazon. Coke is still, arguably, the world’s most famous advertiser.

In this case we have a selection of people doing their own thing – we all live in our own reality these days, as we know – armed with a Diet Coke.

Accomplished, as you’d expect. Quite like the elderly gamer. Maybe jingles (albeit of the more ambitious variety) are on the way back, which makes judging ads like this difficult. If it becomes another Coke earworm it’s a winner.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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