Marketing agency Komodo launches Runway to turn influencers and celebs into entrepreneurs

Don’t ‘cha love influencers? Some consumers obviously do, much to the benefit of their bank balances. Read recently that Kim Kardashian is now a billionaire – is she an influencer or something else?

Big business though with a market estimated at $15bn and LA-based Komodo, which describes itself as a “global influencer marketing agency” is adding to its repertoire with a new offering, Runway, which it calls a platform to support influencer business ventures.

Founder of both agencies Freddie Strange (below right) says: “In the past few years we have seen a huge increase in the number of influencers and celebrities wanting to turn their passions into a profit and become entrepreneurs.

“At Runway, we have extensive experience in launching and marketing some of the most successful brands on the market, with brands like ASOS, Paypal and Sky trusting us day in day out. We know the amount of research, planning and technicalities that are required in building a successful brand, making this a natural addition to our agency offering.”

Runway has also hired Harry Dixon, a former chief information officer at (controversial) online fashion giant Boohoo as chief technology officer. His job is to implement technology, data and logistics systems across the business “on a global scale.” So they’re obviously expecting take-off at Runway.

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