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EA Sports and adam&eve hit winner for Channel 4 Diversity award with Midnight Ramadan League

Adam&eveDDB is approaching half-time in 2021 with all guns blazing: now for EA Sports’ FIFA 21 it’s giving us, not Ronaldo’s gleaming pecs or other stand-bys, but the Midnight Ramadan League.

This is the winner of UK broadcaster Channel 4’s Diversity in Advertising Award, with £1m of free airtime.

The ad, written by Selma Ahmed with art director Genevieve Gransden and directed by Bassam Tariq for Pulse Films, features Leicester City’s Hamza Choudhury, one of the few British Asian top level footballers.

Choudhury, an EA Sports FIFA Ambassador, says: “Growing up, football was always my first love. From playing with my friends in the street after school, to heading to the pitch at the weekends, it was always my dream to become a football player.

“I’m proud of my Asian heritage and without it, I wouldn’t be the person or footballer that I am today, so it was an honour to partner with EA Sports to tell the inspirational story of the Midnight Ramadan League – a team I would have loved to play for! I hope that, together, we can help inspire future generations to follow their dreams.”

Channel 4 chief revenue officer Veriça Djurdjevic says: “Now in its fifth year, our Diversity in Advertising Award continues to highlight the importance of reflecting the cultural diversity of the whole of the UK in TV advertising.

“Evidence on screen points to positive progress being made which is really heartening but we’re not there yet and so we look forward to launching EA Sports’ impactful new campaign – sharing an important and authentic story with Channel 4 viewers.”

Brilliant all round.

MAA creative scale: 9.5.

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