Iggy Pop steps up the noise in winner from Marshall

You never get fired for hiring Iggy Pop – in ads anyway – and the so-called Godfather of Punk is back with a new campaign for Marshall audio products, ‘Never Stop Listening.

A collaboration between director Kevin Castanheira, Dog Eat dog and Marshall creative director AM Sekora. Majoring on the brand’s “rich heritage of rebellion, originality and unity, as well as its alignment with, and evolution alongside, countercultures throughout the ages.”

Here we go then.

Creative director Sekora says:: “As we’ve been working hand in hand on projects for the last several years, we’ve been able to form more of a partnership that I can trust with working alongside Kevin Castanheira and Dog Eat Dog. It’s more than just a deal, there is an understanding and a kinship that’s been built between us all.

“We’ve been able to move past the “client relationship” where we need to talk contracts and SOW’s for days, allowing Kevin and myself to focus solely on the creative. This point is quintessential for us at Marshall as we don’t work in the conventional client, creative agency, production agency fashion.”

Iggy delivers as ever and it’s a classy film.

Always look forward to Mr Pop’s Friday night show on the UK’s Radio 6 Music (he usually starts with a punk anthem and later sidles over to Detroit for Coltrane and co. – a not-so-secret jazzer at heart it seems.)

MAA creative scale: 9.

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