Super Bowl talking points: GM invades Norway, hedgies’ nemesis Robinhood

Two more Super Bowls: this one for GM electric cars from McCann has had a lot of attention: Will Ferrell and friends invading Scandinavia (as they have more electric cars there.)

Weird-looking cars: fifties styling for electric?

OK, somehow isn’t quite pulled together – too frenetic maybe.

MAA creative scale: 6.

And here’s a topical oddity from share trading platform Robinhood, the one used recently by thousands of small investors to subject hedge funds to a “bear squeeze.” Hedgies bet against loaned stocks in the hope they can buy them back cheaper when settlement is due, pocketing the difference. But if lots of investors drive the price up the evil hedgies can lose billions.

Obvious someone called Robinhood investors ‘Nazis” somewhere along the line.

MAA creative scale: 4 (interesting though.)

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