McDonald’s’ recipe for gloomy Britain – ‘A little means a lot’

Here’s another gritty slice of life from gloomy Britain from McDonald’s (London’s going into virtual lockdown following most of the north of England and Scotland) and Leo Burnett – ‘The gift’ with a teenager getting a not entirely welcome (initially) surprise from his mum. The tag line is “A little means a lot.”

Marketing and food director Steven Howells says: “In a challenging year, little treats and acts of kindness have increased sentimental value. McDonald’s remains a dependable anchor for food quality and value, as well as providing feel good moments for our customers. We wanted to show that at McDonald’s you don’t need to spend much to get something that means a lot.”

He may be on to something. A Big Mac (with members of your family only) may be the only thing to look forward to.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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