Post-lockdown creativity: Mother puts IKEA stamp on sleep

IKEA seems to have set itself the somewhat ambitious task of owning sleep (although it probably provides more beds and other things you kip on than anyone else.)

The latest variation on its ‘Wonderful Everyday’ campaign from Mother – ‘The Hare’ – features the fabled hare and tortoise preparing for a marathon (the tortoise usually wins.)

In this case because it gets a good night’s sleep rather than playing video games and the like into the early hours, the hare’s preference.

IKEA marketing communication manager Kemi Anthony says: “2020 has been a strange year and as we’ve all slowly adapted to the new normal, a lot of people have found that their sleep has been affected.

“Stress and anxiety can have a really damaging effect on sleep, which in turn impacts our waking life too. A good night’s sleep sets us up for a great next day, and the new integrated campaign aims to help people find ways to prioritise sleep. There really is a lot of truth in the notion that a brilliant day starts the night before.”

Shot by Sam Pilling with costumes and puppetry by Robert Allsopp.

It’s what you expect from IKEA and Mother: bang on strategy – “tomorrow starts tonight” – and beautifully realised. With the odd wry touch: Aesop’s kebabs.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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