Mind your hands, face and space say men from the Ministry

Here we go again: the UK is entering what we might most charitably call semi-lockdown once more, with social gatherings limited to six people (does that include kids and of what age?)

This, one suspects, will prove far from popular. How, for example, is it to be policed? Lots of younger people will ignore it.

NHS agency MullenLowe is probably right to tread carefully in the circumstances: this is really Ministry of Propaganda stuff from whack-a-mole health secretary Matt Hancock and various reputation-shielding medics who, you suspect, would like nothing more than to close the country down again.

In many ways it’s a lose/lose brief: some people will doubtless complain to the ASA about opinion masquerading as science.

Showing the demon virus is deftly handled.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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