Mother and Castello use foodie hacks to feed your senses

Mother has taken a distinctly foodie route for Arla-owned Castello cheese, with some ‘how to’ guides that match the culinary preoccupations gripping many people during the lockdown.

An online content series and shortform social media films introduce ingenious “hacks” to pep up your meal and boost taste sensations: pointed shapes can maximise spiciness, heavy utensils heighten creaminess, and the colour pink highlights sweetness. Mother partnered with online food and travel platform Tastemade for the campaign, which includes a longer film featuring full-on scientific analysis.

James Prentice, global senior brand manager of Castello, said: “To maximise a taste sensation, we have to explore all the stimuli our brains take in. Together with Mother and Tastemade, we’ve experimented in new ways – all in pursuit of the perfect taste. This campaign is encouraging our audience to consider simple sensory hacks, to bring out the enhanced and unexpected taste profiles of Castello cheeses.”

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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